Cal Animage Alpha presents...



November 5th

at MLK Jr. Building,
UC Berkeley

What is Anime Destiny —


There'll be performances, panels, games, activities, and more! Showcase your awesome costumes at our cosplay gathering at the convention! Enjoy fun and informative panels about various anime-related topics along with other exciting events! We hope to bring together local fans and to provide an enjoyable, cozy experience for our attendees through fun events, interesting panels, and awesome merchandise!

Featured Artists —

Fuyuverse image


I draw whatever fuels my hamster brain :>

minominoten image


Anime and video game artist that likes drawing cute girls! Will be taking digital commissions on site.

raineeski image


Hiii I'm rainee, and I'm an avid Hatsune Miku enjoyer and cat enjoyer. I love digital painting and design, and feel free to reach out about anything! :)

Kute C Shop image

Kute C Shop

I create crochet jewelry, dolls, scrunchies, and more. Check out my Insta (@kutecshop)

Seablu Bunny Art image

Seablu Bunny Art

Hello, I'm Seablu Bunny Art! Check out my selection of fanart prints and stickers, or browse my original 3D printed figurines!

soyemilky image


Hi I'm soyemilky I'm a digital artists based in california, I've recently started selling my art around the area 2 years ago and it's become a huge passion of mine! I like all things cute and I love making fan art of my favorite characters.

Ruxan Kikilin image

Ruxan Kikilin

Ruxan Kikilin is a dork for D&D and cute things! She sells prints, stickers, personalized commissions, and is a storyboard artist looking for work.

Mimi the Alpaca image

Mimi the Alpaca

Mimi the Alpaca is actually a chaotic cat who spends an inordinate amount of time drawing comics about people at their best, worst, and their funniest. They also sell original and fandom prints, charms, and stickers.

usaminii image


Hi Hi!! My name is Ashley and drawing is how I entertain myself lol. My favorite interests include Genshin Impact, Honkai star rail, Vtubers, etc! (*^▽^*)

03RIN image


Hello, I go by 03RIN! I'm a digital illustrator and a fan artist interested in drawing my favorite animes, games, novels, and vtubers!

Juemi Studio image

Juemi Studio

Handmade Accessories from Clay to Tumblers. Unique design with kawaii Inspired looks but also modern styles in mind.

IkaOuji image



RubySama image


Vtuber simps that draws hot 2d men.

Misul Studios image

Misul Studios

At Misul Studios you can find a variety of cute and interesting products from stickers and notebooks to hats and deskmats. Misul Studios is owned and run by Nana Kong, a 1st Gen Chinese American. Many of her products are sea creature/natured themed as well as LGBTQIA+ themed. Inspired by her hobbies, games, and shows she enjoys, there are many products like lanyards and microfiber cloths.

Yunnie image


Hi, I'm Yunnie, a small artist who is addicted to gacha and web novels. If you want to chat about danmei, come find me *wink*.

WoWoKo image


WoWoKo specializes in original artwork based on various Asian mythologies and folklore. In addition to original characters, we also have collabs with Potato Fighters showcasing various stickers based on anime and gaming!

118Ween image


Hey I'm Jun and I like to draw fanart of my favorite series. Please watch Dorohedoro on Netflix so MAPPA will give us season 2!!! T_T

seaistea image


hi, i'm just a simple person who enjoys making art of media i like :)

drawingsbybea image


Hello! I am a new fan artist from San Jose. I draw what I am currently into, whether its game characters or from anime!

The Trinket Hall image

The Trinket Hall

Hello anime enthusiasts and welcome to The Trinket Hall! My team and I are ready to help you find collectibles from your favorite anime shows. We hope you stop by and that something catches your eye! ;)

CRHA image


I enjoy making art!

nectareen image


hi i'm nectareen, an anime and video game focused illustrator based in the bay area! i hope my goofy art will make you smile :)

Cloverleafpie image


Cloverleafpie was started with the goal to spark childlike wonder in everything I make! My illustrations often feature vibrant colors and cute animals going on all sorts of fantastical adventures, and my products come in all forms such as prints, stationary, keychains, and apparel!

Tiger's Tangibles image

Tiger's Tangibles

We sell imported collectibles, with some rare items! Come visit us if you're a big fan of anime and video games!


i'm lala, a digital artist based in the east bay and first-time artist at anime destiny! i work full-time in biotech and enjoy doodling on the clock ( • ̀ω•́ )✧


Hello, I love drawing and making whimsical cat-themed art using a variety of media. I hope I can share my love for our feline friends with everyone, thank you!

CitronArt image


I'm CitronArt! I make fanart of Yu-Gi-Oh, anime characters, vtubers, and capybaras; When I'm not tabling, I make art for vtubers and streamers.

ah choux! image

ah choux!

cozy and whimisical stationery, prints and apparel

Rolilomi's Market image

Rolilomi's Market

stream onf's new song coming out oct 4 except this is written in sept and i dont know what it's called yet

MTMochiDraws image


Did you know the critically acclaimed MMORPG FINAL FANTASY XIV's starter edition and free trial now include the entirety of A Realm Reborn, the award-winning Heavensward, and its second major expansion Stormblood? A grand adventure awaits, now up to level 70!

Tootin Town image

Tootin Town

I like to create art and merchandise that is silly and cute! I usually like to draw in a skrunkly style, where I use bold lines, bright colors, big heads, and playful expressions in my pieces.

AitsukiArt image


No bio for this artist...┌( ಠ_ಠ )┘



Hello, this is DEADRKGK! I love to draw things that make my brain neurons go crazy like my original characters & fanart of the media I love!

Estrellita Art

Hi, I'm Estrellita and I'm here to spread the one piece agenda to everyone I meet at cons LOL check out my booth for plenty of one piece merch!

Vinial_Art image


A bunch of artists and I are holding a stamp rally! Come check it out and be a part of it for prizes that we have!

Lemonylulu image


No bio for this artist... ┌( ಠ_ಠ )┘

yanhuaart image


Nice to meet you! I'm Jess, the artist and Berkeley student behind Yanhua Art who is inspired by a lot of K-pop, anime, and Genshin

haokuen image


Local robot trauma connoisseur and shark friend. My fellow Punishing Gray Raven commandants, come by and tell me about the state of your hairline.

luzonandlaurel image


We are a pair of Asian artists who love angsty bishounen, classical unicorns, and the glint of bright light in your mech's eyes as it takes flight. We'll be bringing prints, charms, stickers, washi, and buttons featuring fandoms like Gundam, Holostars/Nijisanji, Hoyoverse, JJK, Pokemon, along with original work inspired by j-fashion and graceful ungulates.

kiipio image


i like drawing silly anime girls

Hi! I mostly drawn genshin and anime fanart.

NyamenRamen~ image


Yahoy! My name's Nyamen. I'm a hawaii-based Illustrator, vtuber, and broke college student with a love for sweets, cafes, and sweaters. Feel free to drop by my booth to chat about weeb things <3 :)

ierlix image


Hello, I'm ierlix, and I'm an artist that loves to worldbuild and draw OCs! I'm also a huge fan of fantasy RPGs and love playing them in my free time

mousec1ub image


yo, i'm cas! i make stickers, keychains, and prints of my fav animanga and games. hope to see ya here!